Application requirements

CPC \ CBPC  qualification application:

Applicants can choose to apply for one of these professional qualifications and assessed on the "point system". The score must be at least 60 points, and the specific evaluation method is as follows:


Completion of advanced degrees in related fields, postgraduate (10 points), master (20 points), PhD or above (50 points)


Continuing to practice in this field for more than 500 hours, including 1-on-1 counselling, coaching, psychotherapy, training, counseling, etc., and provide proof. (If you have difficulty submitting relevant certifications or involving private information, Professionals can be asked to explain this in the recommendation letter so that the evaluation committee can make an objective evaluation. If the recommendation letter is approved by the evaluation committee, the applicant can get the score of this part. )(20 points)


A letter of recommendation written by a professional either from the field of psychology or your industry is submitted with the application form, which proves the applicants who has enthusiasm for learning, work performance, and future development vision in the professional field. (30 points)

Qualification certificates in related fields issued by national government departments, including psychology, philosophy, psychotherapy, neurology, and other related fields. (25 points)

Published articles or papers in psychology, philosophy, psychotherapy, neuroscience and other related fields on the official platform and provided proof. (15 points)

Published books in psychology, philosophy, psychotherapy, neurology and other related fields. (20 points)

Served as sharing guests on the official platform or forum related to psychology and provided proof. (15 points)

Received professional training of different applied schools of psychology for more than 100 hours and provided proof. (20 points)

Complete IATP training.

Those who are not listed above can apply to the IPMC evaluation committee. The evaluation committee will assess and deal with it separately according to special circumstances.

Comply with professional ethics standards of IPMC.

These five professional qualifications need to be updated and reviewed every year after successful application, i.e. submit updated materials, certificates and application fees to ensure that relevant qualifications can be obtained continuously in the next year.