Welcoming our Psychology Faculty Members to the F1000Prime family

Release time: 2020-04-16 09:34

Welcoming our Psychology Faculty Members to the F1000Prime family

In celebration of launching our new Psychology faculty on F1000Prime, Steven Lokwan, Director of Operations, F1000Prime, introduces you to the newest Faculty Members to join the F1000Prime family. The new Psychology Faculty will now start evaluating the literature and will share their insightful opinions on notable advances in their field, for the benefit of researchers in Biology and Medicine, and the Social Sciences.

Since the Middle Ages, ‘hub’ disciplines – those cited by researchers in many different fields – have existed. Theology and Philosophy were the first to emerge, with Physics and Mathematics following soon after. In more recent times, as the pace of scientific research accelerated, further ‘hub’ disciplines have emerged, one of which was the discipline of Psychology.

When you look at our existing content in F1000Prime, you will actually find that it bridges the gap between Psychology and another ‘hub’ discipline – Medicine. For example, our Faculties on Public Health & Epidemiology, Neuroscience, Neurological Disorders, Cardiovascular Disorders and Genomics & Genetics, to name but a few, cover fields that relate to Psychology and Medicine. It is, therefore, fitting that we recognize the distinct prominence of the discipline of Psychology, and how it already complements our existing content, with its own dedicated Faculty, which we launch today.

I am, therefore, delighted to welcome Trevor W Robbins (University of Cambridge, UK), Jill B Becker (University of Michigan, USA) and Daniel L Schacter (Harvard University, USA) as our Heads of Faculty for Psychology.


Professor Trevor W Robbins is Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, Director of the Behavioral and Clinical Neuroscience Institute (BCNI) and formerly Professor of Experimental Psychology, and Head of Department at Cambridge from 2002-2017. He is one of the world’s most highly cited neuroscientists and ranked as one of the ‘most influential brain scientists of the modern era’. Professor Robbins’ research spans cognitive neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience and psychopharmacology and focuses on impulsive-compulsive disorders (such as OCD and drug addiction) and fronto-striatal systems of the brain.

“One of the most valuable aspects of F1000Prime is the way in which it highlights articles from smaller journals or research areas that would otherwise be missed, thereby helping individuals maintain a broader perspective of the field.”


Professor Jill B Becker is Biopsychology Chair and Patricia Y Gurin Collegiate Professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan. Professor Becker’s research laid the groundwork for studies of gender differences and differentiation of the underlying neuronal systems that mediate drug abuse and motivation. Her research has confirmed a gender difference in dopamine release from the striatum, which is affected by neonatal and adolescent hormone manipulations, and aims to tie behavioral measures to underlying neurobiological mechanisms.

“I’ve found F1000Prime to be a valuable service and I wanted to help expand the scope to include the science of Psychology throughout the branches of this field.”


Professor Daniel L Schacter is William R Kenan, Jr. Professor at Harvard University, where he served as Chair of the Psychology Department from 1995-2005. Professor Schacter’s research explores the relationship between conscious and unconscious memory, the nature of memory distortions, how memory is used to foresee future events, the enhancement of online learning and the effects of aging on memory. He has also authored two books, both of which were named by the New York Times as ‘Notable Books of the Year’ and won the American Psychological Association’s William James Book Award.

“The field of Psychology is extremely broad, and so I welcome the launch of our Faculty in F1000Prime. It should quickly become an indispensable tool to help many of us stay on top of the literature.”

Our Heads of Faculty have assembled the following outstanding inaugural line-up of Sections and Section Heads:

Biological Psychology

Barbara Knowlton UCLA, USA

Kent Berridge University of Michigan, USA

Clinical Psychology & Psychopathology

Michelle Craske UCLA, USA

Emily Holmes Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuropsychology & Experimental Psychology

Lynn Nadel Univeristy of Arizona, USA

Hannah Smithson University ofOxford, UK

Developmental Psychology

Alison Gopnik UC Berkeley, USA

Andrew Meltzoff University of Washington, USA

Quantitative Psychology

Michael Aitken Deakin King’s College London, UK

Social Psychology

Roy F Baumeister University of Queensland, Australia

John Bargh Yale University, USA

And, in turn, our Section Heads have assembled an incredible line-up of Faculty Members and Associate Faculty Members to evaluate the literature in Psychology.

The launch of the Psychology Faculty further expands the coverage of F1000Prime, benefiting not only researchers in the related fields we already cover in Biology and Medicine but also those that, to date, we have not; most notably in the Social Sciences.

I would, therefore, like to welcome all of our newest Members to the F1000 Family, and look forward to reading their insightful opinions on notable advances in their field.

So head on over to our newest Faculty – Psychology – and remember to sign-up for email alerts to ensure you don’t miss a recommended article relevant to your interests.

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