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University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, POLANDUITM


There are plenty of opportunities and space for Applied Psychology to develop in China.



After ten years of preparation and construction, psychology in China is going to have a rapid development.


With China’s economic development and people’s desire to learn more about psychology, Applied Psychology is highly welcome in China.


Insight: We can discover that, so far, only psychology consultation is familiar to Chinese people. However, in developed counties, people are applying the wisdom of psychology to solve individual and social problems every day; and, thus, a new subject called Applied Psychology was created.


The hindrance of the development of Applied Psychology in China is caused by insufficient human capital. Although Chinese Colleges have been added many psychology programs for the past several years, with the shortage of education resources, the quality of the programs is not high enough. Most psychology programs are related to the field such as human resources and preschool education. Insufficient education resource restricts the development of applied psychology, preventing industries from adopting knowledge from it.

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Now it is the very perfect time for Applied Psychology to develop in China; it is the time that we could read, learn and do research about Psychology. We can make our lives flourished if we seize well the opportunity.


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University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow (UITM) is a very renowned university in Poland. UITM is famous for its rigorous and comprehensive curriculum, and its solid research



UITM has three campuses. The main campus is located in Rzeszów, Poland. There are about 20000 students in these three campuses. The students come from the United States, Germany, China, France, India, Finland, Portugal, many other countries. UITM offers many programs, and students can earn bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor’s degrees in the university.



UITM has a great reputation for its Information Management, Aerospace Science, and Applied Psychology courses. The courses it offers about Applied Psychology were regarded to be extremely professional and practical. UITM was selected byRzeczpospolitaas “The Most Qualified University”; was selected by PERSPEKTYWYas “The Top 10 Master School”; and was selected by WPROSTas “The Top 10 Private University in Poland”.




UITM is an organization with an international perspective, having a strong faith and sense of duty for human development. Thus, UITM introduces the Master of Applied Psychology and Doctor of Applied Psychology. China has undergone a great change for the past 40 years. Similar to the people in other developed countries, Chinese nationals may also feel lost after such rapid development. Applied psychology can effectively help people during this time.


UITM’s Master of Applied Psychology and Doctor of Applied Psychology offers an international perspective, thought and research. The programs aim to help and enlighten students. The Applied Psychology in UITM focus on the applicability and practicality. The courses enable students to realize their strengths, characters, and personal backgrounds in systematic learning. So, students can further expand their future career opportunities in psychology.



Master of Applied PsychologyMAP

 Compulsory courses

Leadership Psychology

Psychological Counseling and Abnormal Psychology

Cognitive PsychologyCognitive Upgrading and Human Anatomy

Enneagram – Business Administration Guidance

Consumption Psychology the Triggering Mechanism of Irrational Consumption

Psychological Assessment Technology

Psychological Crisis Prevention and Intervention

Basic Principle of Psychology

In order to offer students more practicable courses, UITM may adjust the arrangement of the courses. Please see the final notice for more accurate information.


Doctor of Applied PsychologyDAP

Compulsory courses

Clinical Psychology

Advanced Education and Psychological Measurement

Child and Adolescent Development

Topics of Advanced Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Health Psychology

Neuropsychology (Neuroscience)

Advanced StatisticsMultivariate Statistic Method

Developmental psychology

Enneagram-Self Recognition and Individual Growth

Management Psychology


In order to offer students more practicable courses, UITM may adjust the arrangement of the courses. Please see the final notice for more accurate information.



Program length 

The program length of Master of Applied Psychology is 1 year.

The program length of Doctor of Applied Psychology is 2 years.






  1. Applying for a master’s degree: the  applicant should have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

  2. Applying for a doctor’s degree: the  applicant should have a master’s degree or higher.

The highly qualified students, after being reviewed by UITM, can be admitted. Please consult the admission officers for more information.



To successfully obtain their degrees, students in SWSU should be able to offer excellent thesis papers. Moreover, professors will evaluate each student, based on their class participation, their understanding of the courses, their efforts, and etc. The evaluation will be objective.

For the master’s and doctor’s degree programs, the university will offer students a tutorial for paper writing. The tutorial will let students perform better in their papers.



The classes will be taught during weekends. The length of each course is two days. The total time each course will take is about 16 hours.


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