South-West State University (SWSU)

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Russia is located in the North of Eurasia. It is composited of 83 federal subjects: 21 Republics, 46 States, 1 Autonomous State, 2 Autonomous Region, 2 Municipalities and 9 Krai.

Russia has 193 nations. 146 million people are living in the country. The major religion is Eastern Orthodoxy, and the minor one is Islam. Russians are highly religious. The people are very kind both in real lives and in literature.

Russia is located in Eurasia. The country’s horizontal width is 9000 kilometers, and its vertical length is 4000 kilometers. The coastline is 33807 kilometers. Most regions of the country are in the north temperate zone, having a continental climate and large temperature difference.

The capital of Russia is Moscow. The size of it is 2560 square kilometers, and it has a population of 12.3 million.

The aerospace industry in Russia is very advanced. On October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched the world’s first artificial satellite. The emission made the Soviet Union a leader of the world’s aerospace industry.

Russia emphasizes much on education. It has a leading position in natural science and fundamental research education. It is also proficient in aerospace and military engineering. Finally, Russia does well in literature and social science education.

Until October 2019, China and Russia have had a great relationship for 70 years. The Belt and Road Initiative has further promoted the two countries to flourish together. China and Russia are both looking forward to working with each other in the near future.


South-West State University (SWSU) was founded in 1964 as Kursk Politechnical Institute. It is located in Kursk, Russia.

In 1994, the university was renamed to Kursk State Technical University.

Based on the university’s excellent academic achievement, in 2010 it was renamed as South-West State University.


There are 15000 students in the university, including 550 foreign students coming from 87 countries. The university offers 40 academic majors and 155-degree programs. The programs include 3 expert’s degree programs, 51 bachelor’s degree programs, 6 foundation’s degree programs, 47 master’s degree programs, 24 doctor’s degree programs, and 24 Kandidat Nauk’s degree programs.


SWSU is a Russian version of a “985 university”. It is a national university, one of the 8 Russian universities that are able to offer European degrees which are accredited by 29 countries in Europe. The university is also accredited and recommended by the Ministry of Education of China.

SWSU offers more than 125 professional courses, and there are several ways that students can take the courses. The number of courses provided is increasing, with more than 40 of them catering to the requirement of a master’s, a doctor’s, or a post-doctor's degree. 


SWSU has signed contracts to cooperate with more than 90 universities worldwide.



In 2012, SWSU was ranked by a famous magazine, Expert RA, to be the best 100 universities in Russia. It ranked to be the 44th best university in terms of its scientific research majors.

In 2013 SWSU was ranked by Interfax to be the 50 best universities,

In 2014, SWSU was ranked by Webometrics as the 61st among all 1188 Russian universities and colleges.

In 2018, SWSU was ranked by QS to be the 201-205th among all Emerging Europe and Central Asia universities.

The university is accredited and recommended by the Ministry of Education of China.

The university is accredited and recommended by the United Nations.

SWSU is a national university, one of the 8 Russian universities that are able to offer European degrees which is accredited by 29 countries in Europe.

QS ranking世界排名(歐洲新興國家及中亞地區大學排名).png

   Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China


China's Jiaoyu Shewai Jianguan Xinxi Wang (JSJ)



In the meantime, SWSU has been provided with a ISO9001 certification.


Was recommended by UNESCO as one of the top universities


The students who successfully graduate and get their diplomas will get degrees from SWSU. The degrees are internationally accredited.



Doctor of Applied PsychologyDAP

Compulsory Courses



AdvancedEducation and Psychological Measurement

Childand Adolescent Development

AdvancedIndustrial Organizational Psychology

Health Psychology


Advanced Statistics 

Developmental Psychology

Enneagram-Character Psychology

Management Psychology


Doctor of Applied PsychologyDAP

The program length is 2 years.



A master’s degree or higher

The highly qualified students, after being reviewed by SWSU, can be admitted. Please consult the admission officers for more information.



To successfully obtain their degrees, students in SWSU should be able to hand in excellent thesis papers. Moreover, professors will evaluate each student, based on their class participation, their understanding of the courses, their efforts, and etc. The evaluation will be objective.



All thesis papers handed by students will be reviewed by the professors teaching in the main campus of SWSU. If the paper is not qualified enough, professors will offer their opinions and reviews. Students will be required to hand in the revised paper before the given deadline.


For the doctor’s degree programs, the university will offer students with a tutorial for paper writing and debate. The tutorial will let students perform better in their papers and debates.



The classes will be taught during weekends. At least one course will be taught each month. The total time each course will take is about 16 hours.



Apart from successfully finishing all the courses required, students ought to have their thesis papers reviewed by the professors teaching in SWSU’s main campus. Then, students will get doctor’s degrees directly from SWSU’s main campus. Those degrees will be the same as the degrees offered to the students studying on the main campus. Students can choose to attend SWSU’s graduation ceremony when they graduate. (Students should be responsible for their own commute, dining, hotel, and application fee if they want to attend the graduation ceremony)


International Psychology Management CollegeIPMC

IPMC is the official cooperating agency for SWSU. IPMC is mainly responsible for marketing, operating, authorizing, evaluating professors and students and supervising the quality of the courses.