A Message from the IEA - George Floyd

Release time: 2020-06-04 11:27

A Message from the IEA

Over the last week, the video of George Floyd’s last moments on earth has resulted in a wave of shock and grief worldwide. His senseless and tragic death has brought to mind the names of many others around the world who have lost their lives to oppression and prejudice of all kinds. His last words, “I can’t breathe,” represent the crushing weight of oppression and have become a rallying cry for justice.

As the global association for the use and knowledge of the Enneagram, the IEA and her members have a unique voice in the world to promote acceptance, understanding, conflict management and appropriate resistance of all kinds. We also have a responsibility to walk the talk- that is, we have to be the examples of how to walk in a world full of trauma and injustice. That example begins with acknowledgment of our pain, our grief, our fear and powerlessness, and sense of not knowing where to start. 

But it doesn’t end there - we can work against the conditions and fixed beliefs that perpetuate these anti-human systems of all kinds in all countries. That work begins with us. We start with the breath - slow, conscious, fully present in our bodies, hearts and minds. When so grounded, we can work with and through our own limiting mindsets (which often align by type) as well as supporting our family, friends, colleagues, clients and communities to do the same.

We invite you to break the silence around this issue. Open the conversation and be willing to have the hard, awkward, vulnerable, fearful and often heartbreaking discussions about what arises in you. Join us in solidarity against hate in all forms and in commitment to reducing our own reactivity, type related and otherwise.

Jan Shegda and Carla Smith

Co-Presidents of the IEA Global Board