Member Vote 2022 results announced

Release time: 2022-04-18 14:45


Member Vote 2022 results announced

Following a ballot of our members, the British Psychological Society confirmed at a Special General Meeting today that all four resolutions were passed.

The proposed changes to our charter, statutes and rules will allow us to refresh our membership grades and become a more transparent and accountable organisation, which offers a home to all who are interested in psychology.

Thank you to all of our members who were involved in the development of these proposals, and to everyone who voted. Turnout for this vote was 9.1 per cent of the membership, and the results for each resolution were:

Resolution 1 (Charter) – 84.1 per cent in favour

Resolution 2 (Statutes) – 83.5 per cent in favour

Resolution 3 (Rules) – 85.7 per cent in favour

Resolution 4 (Transitional provisions) – 86.5 per cent in favour

As a two-thirds majority was required for Resolution 1, a simple majority for Resolution 2 as long as Resolution 1 passed, and a simple majority for Resolutions 3 and 4 as long as Resolutions 1 and 2 passed, we can confirm that all resolutions have passed.

Now that changes to our charter, statutes and rules have been approved by members, the next step will be to seek the final approval of the Privy Council.

Should we receive this approval, we will then be making the proposed changes in a phased way, and will keep you up-to-date on the detail of the changes and when they’re going to happen.

The proposed changes to member grades with the introduction of ‘Full member’ and ‘Associate member’ grades will help make the BPS a home for more people who use psychology in their careers, and provide a smoother pathway through our grades for members as they progress in their careers.

There will also be positive changes to Associate Fellow and Fellowship designed to provide greater inclusivity. Members’ current grades will be unaffected, and it will be a personal choice whether to move to a new grade once the new structure is in force.

We will also be making changes to our governance processes, including extending the length of term served by the BPS President to two years and creating a new role of Chair of the Board of Trustees.