American Psychological Association,APA-11 emerging trends for 2023 What’s ahead for psychologists and the field?

Release time: 2023-03-15 20:37



Psychologists are increasingly being called on to help solve some of the greatest challenges we face as a society. In 2023, APA sees this trend accelerating, along with other major changes to the field.


1.Scientists reach a wider audience)

Driven by a sense of purpose, psychologists are finding new ways to get research and clinical advice to those who need it……


2.Psychologists take aim at misinformation

Psychologists are on a mission to fight conspiracy theories and other forms of dis- and misinformation with science-backed methods……


3.Psychological research becomes more inclusive

Psychologists are challenging traditional thinking about their research, including how it is conducted and who it includes……


4.EDI roles expand

The world is looking for leadership around equity, diversity, and inclusion, and psychologists are stepping up……


5.Worker well-being is in demand

Attitudes about employee mental health have dramatically shifted, and psychologists are leading the charge to help businesses prioritize employee well-being……


6.Efforts to improve childrens』 mental health increase

Research is focused on child and teen mental health, exploring why they are struggling and what can be done to help them……


7.Partnerships accelerate progress

Psychologists are joining forces with other professions to tackle big societal problems, from childhood mental health to police violence……


8.Suicide prevention gets a new lifeline

Psychologists remain on the forefront of suicide prevention, serving as critical first responders and training nonpsychologists to help meet the need……


9.Some faculty exit academia

With students feeling overwhelmed and faculty feeling unsupported and overworked, some psychologists are abandoning academia……


10.Venture capitalists shift focus

New funding is focusing on mental health apps for children and teens, as well as platforms that incorporate coaching and artificial intelligence……


11.Psychologists rebrand the field

Psychologists are expanding the one-to-one therapy approach to strengthen psychological health across entire populations……