Dear IEA Accredited Professional

Release time: 2020-04-03 10:04

Dear IEA Accredited Professional

We are living in a difficult and uncertain time. Many of you are offering free events and resources to the community to help support people. We deeply appreciate the wisdom and compassion you are showing and sharing. Several of you have provided information to us already about your offerings and we invite others to do so as well.

We will be posting a list of free offerings by IEA Accredited Professionals and their organizations that are related to or intended to help people manage through this crisis. The list will be posted on IEA NINE POINTS  so that information about available resources is gathered in one place with links for easy access. We will send an eblast out to our entire database on Fridays linking to this list. 

Whether you are offering teachings, daily thoughts, community meditation sits or some other form of connection, insight or support, please share the information and a link with us so that we can include it. Sandy has created a simple Google form, to gather the information. She will keep the list on IEA Nine Points current as information is supplied to her. 

We also encourage you to consider writing and posting articles on IEA NinePoints that include your reflections and observations about the events we are experiencing and your own suggestions for using the Enneagram to navigate through this time.

Thanks for all you are and are doing to support our human community through this time.



Carla Smith _ Jan Shegda.png

Carla Smith and Jan Shegda

IEA Co-Presidents