Post-doctoral certificate,Oxford University 【Research of Business Psychology】

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Post-doctoral certificate,Oxford University

[Research of Business Psychology]

Programme Overview:


With the accelerated development of economic globalization, China's psychological market has also experienced a leap growth. How to stand out from the crowd of psychology professionals? How to  break through your own professional bottleneck and achieve new academic achievements? These become the imminent problems that we have to face and think carefully. It is our goal to connect with the international psychology academia, get to know more world-class masters in psychology and widen our international perspective. Chinese Psychology professionals  must be proficient in frontier international academic research and the ability to develop the latest technology in order to take a place in the international competition. At the same time, the innovation of professional academic ability and the international connection of psychology field are also the indispensable "development tool" for psychology professionals.



Based on the above, the University of Oxford, one of the best university in the world, has launched the "Oxford Postdoctoral Programme: Research in Business Psychology" programme.

The progamme is a collaboration between the University of Oxford and the International Psychology and Management College (IPMC). All studies and research are conducted directly by the University of Oxford. Applicants who have completed all programmes of study will receive a post-doctoral qualification directly issued by the University of Oxford.


The programme lasts 1-2 years, with two sessions at Oxford University. During the intensive study, you may share the knowledge with academic leaders and have a face-to-face talk with professors at Oxford University. Upon the completion of the first stage study, the university of Oxford will issue a certificate of study and be eligible for the second stage study. Upon the completion of the second stage study , thesis and defense are both approved, a postdoctoral qualification certificate will be issued directly by Oxford University which was also certified by the Chinese Embassy in the UK. After completion, you will be an Oxford Alumnus, a lifetime alumnus of The University of Oxford. At the same time, It is extremely valuable to receive the highest honor and gain a global social network.



The quota of postdoctoral candidates for The University of Oxford is limited every year, within 20 candidates in each batch. Applicants will be enrolled the best by application sequence. IPMC is responsible for the course planning, progamme construction and operation of this project. The deadline for registration is 60 days before the start of the class, that is, the information review, the invitation letter of admission (letter can be used for visa application after receiving) and other procedures.

About Oxford

The University of Oxford is a collegiate research university in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. There is evidence of teaching as early as 1096, making it the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the world's second-oldest university in continuous operation. It is recognized as the most best-known academic institution of higher education.


The campus of Oxford is well known for its beauty and is widely regarded as the model of all university campuses. It has many medieval architectural treasures, mythic architectural ruins, quadrangles, cloisters and arches all over the campus, like secret gardens, giving off a sense of elegance and tradition. Has been named the world's most beautiful university by Forbes several times.






Oxford University consists of 39 colleges. There are more than 22,000 students, including 11,900 undergraduates and 9800 postgraduates. As an international university, 41% of Oxford's faculty members come from all over the world, such as the United States, Germany, Italy, China, Australia, France, Ireland and Canada. In addition, one third of the students (more than 8,400) come from 140 countries. What's more, Oxford has the largest global alumni network in the world, with more than 160 alumni groups distributed in more than 80 countries.


About Psychology at Oxford University:

The psychology department of The University of Oxford has a very profound teaching history, and is now recognized as the world's top research institution in the field of psychology. As early as 1898, its own psychology laboratory was established in The University of Oxford. It has a history of more than 100 years, and can be regarded as one of the oldest psychological research institutions in history.


The department of Psychology at the University of Oxford comprises more than 20 research groups and, to date, has nearly 1,000 undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers. The main research areas include behavioral neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, business psychology, and psychological disorders.


e18d9cbee09495b1e2cf3f7c80071fe7.jpg efa2cce9ae8db85fbb10209b474496ae.jpg


Students at Oxford study psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, statistics and related topics through group tutorials and lectures by senior academic staff. Students are required to complete laboratory work and research projects as part of the course. Many students go on to careers in research or clinical practice, and some researchers are linked to the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurology, and in particular the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging, a world-leading brain imaging centre with access to 3T and 7T MRI facilities.   Experimental Psychology is also closely linked to the Department of Psychiatry, which provides access to clinical populations, and also houses the Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity (OHBA), which provides access to facilities for Magnetoencephalographic (MEG) recordings.  Internally, the Oxford Centre for Cognitive Neuropsychology conducts patient research in conjunction with multimodal brain imaging.



 Oxford Alumni:

University of Oxford Alumni include some of the world's most famous scientists, philosophers, politicians, explorers, and writers. Oxford alumni are nicknamed Oxonians.

Oxford Alumi also include at least 53 Presidents, Prime Ministers (including 25 British prime minister) from 19 countries, 11 Kings of 7 countries, 6 British Kings, 47 Nobel Prize winners, 12 saints, 86 bishops and 18 cardinals, 120 Olympic gold medal winners… and so on.



The Honor of Oxford University:

l No.1 Public Research University in the UK

l No.1 Psychology study in the world

l No.1 university in the world

l The G5 super elite universities

l 2017-2021 "the TIMES " ranked No. 1 university in the world

l The world's second oldest institutions of higher education

l The oldest university in the english-speaking world

l A total of 104 libraries, including the second largest library in the UK. It was founded in 1602 with a total collection of more than 6 million books and a huge underground library.



The motto of Oxford University

Dominus illuminatio mea(Latin)

The Lord is my light(English)



Advantages of the project:


l   Receive the high-quality teaching from the world's No.1 University

l   Awarded the honorary certificate of Oxford University, the world's top university

l   Participate in upscale research courses taught by world leading psychology researchers and famous psychology professors

l   Learning advanced concept on international academic, cultural and research

l   To become an international academic leader of Oxford University

l   Master the latest psychological technology and knowledge of Oxford University

l   Visit the world's most authoritative psychological research laboratory and scientific research projects

l   Make collaborations with alumni of Oxford University from all over the world

l   Become a Lifetime Alumi of Oxford

l   Learning and living in the world famous school

l   Upon completing the rearch, the title of "Oxford University postdoctoral" can be used

SGB Joining the alumni PAD003274-01.jpg


Research and studies stage:

Each batch of the progamme is limited to 20 students, and the length of programme is 1-2 years. The whole progamme is divided into two stages, which are required to be completed in Oxford University headquarters twice;

After the completion of the first stage of study, the first stage certificate of Oxford University will be awarded. 

After completing the second stage of study and thesis defense, A Postdoctoral certificate by Oxford University will be awarded .



The above is a sample of post doctoral certificate. The actual certificate issued is subject to the final approval of Oxford University.


Eligibility for application

1. Doctorate holder / PhD holder

2. If you are currently studying for a doctoral degree, a studying certificate and a letter of recommendation from the professor should be submitted.


Documents required for application:

1. Complete the application form

2. Photocopy of passport photo page

3. Detailed resume (in both Chinese and English)

4. Personal business card

5. Certificate related to educational background

6. A research direction proposal of no less than 500 words  (Chinese characters calculation)

An invitation letter for visa application will be issued by Oxford after the application is approved. The relevant fee will be returned if the application fails.


The above is a sample of the invitation letter for admission. The final version issued by Oxford University shall prevail


Research and graduation requirements:

1. Complete all the designated research and study projects without absence;

2. Complete the assigned thesis (in both Chinese and English) and defense (Translation is allowable).


Openning date and Application Deadline:

Notice the start date of the class.

Applicants are required to arrive in the UK at least one day before the start of the course to avoid being unable to attend the course on time due to traffic or other uncontrollable factors.

All notification times are subject to UK local time.

The deadline for application is 60 days before the openning date (Beijing time, China).

We look forward to hearing from Oxford University about the date of openning and application deadline.

Quota: Max. 20 candidates per batch



The University of Oxford sets the price globally.

Fees includes: course fees, accommodation during the course (calculated by the start date of the course. Only individual applicants are allowed to live in student accommodation at Oxford University), breakfast (individual applicants. Lunch and dinner are self - charged), course materials, certificate fee, the cost of the project visit, the translation fee, the certification fee of Chinese embassy and other expenses.

The above fees do not include: Round trip ticket to the UK, Visa, Lunch and Dinner during course days , translation fees for thesis, other expenses from candidates.

Payment method: the application fee will be paid in a lump sum when the application materials are submitted. The fee will be refunded if the application are not approved.


Venue of Classes and seminars:

Mansfield College, Oxford



(Details of classroom and venue are subject to notice from the University)



1. The fee shall not be refunded for any reason after admission.

2. All application fees shall not be transferred to any other person.

3. If candidate fails to pass the thesis for evaluation, the University will propose an amendment and the revised thesis is allowed to be reevaluated (once).



Schedule of Post-doctoral Research of Business Psychology, Oxford University

(The University will adjust some items slightly.The specific schedule shall be subject to the Notice of the University.)


1. Visit Oxford University

2. Seminar at Oxford University (dinner in the evening)

3. Welcome Speech, introduction of Oxford University and programme Introduction (Dean's speech)

4. Take group photos

5. Frontier development, challenges and Application prospect analysis of business psychology

6. World Health Organization and evidence-based Medical Research: Linking consumer psychology and behaviour

7. Organizational Psychology -- The application and practice of psychology in enterprise organizational management

8. Cognitive Neuroscience - the frontiers of research and development in cognitive neuroscience at Oxford University

9. Social psychology - Behavior, emotion, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder among groups

10. Current situation and Future of psychological Counseling and therapy in business organizations (EAP, Employee Assistance Program)

11. Global research methodology

12. Preliminary plan of the research and guidance of the proposal

13. Certificate Presentation ceremony and group photo

14. Evening graduation dinner in the college arranged by the University

15. Developmental and Educational Psychology – cognition and social development of contemporary child

16. Thesis defense counseling and Q&A session

17. Thesis defense

18、Post-doctoral certificate issued by University of Oxford

19、Issue an Oxford Alumni card

20、Graduation photo

21、School Graduation Party (Lunch)


In addition to the above seminars and study sessions, rich and meaningful visits will also be arranged. Students will have access to more frontier research laboratories in psychology, societies and innovative research at Oxford University.

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